We are pioneers who create a movement.

let's change the world together, meal after meal

We were born in the Swiss mountains, we live in Europe

reCIRCLE was founded in Switzerland in 2015 by Jeannette Morath. After a successful expansion in Germany and test phases in several European countries, we are happy to be present in the Netherlands, Estonia, Denmark and now also in Italy. We are excited about the European adventure that awaits us.

reCIRCLE has received numerous awards and honors. In 2017 reCIRCLE won the "Environmental Award of Economy", and in 2020 it followed the prestigious SEF Award in the production and trade category. The coveted award honors outstanding business achievements.


Our vision

We see a world where take-away packaging is reusable. A world where you can eat and drink on the go without hesitation and with pleasure, because disposables are replaced by cleanly produced, reusable and recyclable packaging in a closed loop system.

Our commitment

We communicate openly and honestly and behave fairly, respectfully and gratefully towards our team, customers, partners, the public and the environment.

reCIRCLE Italy

test in progress

No-Plà again

An experimental project is underway in Milan, "NoPlà Again, reusing is an advantage for everyone" born as part of the Cariplo Plastic Challenge 2020 Call, led by the Giacimenti Urbani association and partner the Agricultural School of the Monza Park. NoPlà Again encourages venue managers, businesses, associations and customers to replace single-use packaging with recyclable, cost-effective and greener reusable products.