The reuse revolution starts here

take-away will never be the same again

reCIRCLE is a European network in which clubs, companies and people share a choice: to use reusable containers for take away, minimizing disposable ones.

Every year the reCIRCLE network, thanks to the contribution of everyone, (eliminates the need for the production) of millions of disposable cups and take-away packages, preserving our environment.

changes the world, meal after meal

Whether you are a restaurateur or a takeaway lover, your takeaway meal experience will never be the same. Become a partner!

Quality is paramount.

our story speaks for us, we have been leaders in Switzerland for years and now we are a European network

Make the difference

No more piles of waste, no more disposable! For us, the environment and the consumer's experience are very important, which is why our containers are designed for those who love to eat freely, without sacrificing the quality of the food while respecting the highest standards of environmental sustainability

Join the revolution!