Life cycle of the product

this makes the difference, and we know that!

March 8, 2021: the latest analysis by indicates that the replacement of disposable packaging with a reCIRCLE BOX allows a reduction of 82% of the CO2 equivalent impact and 48% of the impact of UBP !!

The following illustrates how the growing prevalence of take-away products, often packaged in disposable containers and consumed in public spaces, is causing several problems: Single-use containers consume a disproportionate amount of energy and resources during their life cycle.Moreover, in many cases, they are not disposed of properly, which leads to dirty streets and parks, or to being collected in the unsorted and burned in incinerators.

The life cycle assessment has determined that less than 10 washing cycles are required to make the reCIRCLE BOX more sustainable than any disposable container * (graph 1) There is no comparison when considering the entire life cycle of a reCIRCLE product, designed to be reused over 300 times: in this case the environmental cost of a reCIRCLE product is much lower than any other type of container (graph 2).

* Containers were included in the comparison, which are very common in the takeaways participating in the pilot project in Bern and roughly correspond in their functionality to the reCIRCLE BOX (then still called "Bring Back Box").